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Is There a Step Change Forming in The Approach to Energy Efficiency?

We all know that energy efficiency should be at the heart of any energy policy, but just how easy is it to make this change?

The Energy Efficiency Deployment Office (EEDO) has been set up to drive a step change in energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is at the heart of the government’s approach to tackling dangerous climate change and ensuring safe, secure and affordable energy supplies. Energy efficiency is often the quickest and most cost effective solution when compared with the alternative and provides growth and job opportunities through the supply chain.


  • Is the Government’s centre of expertise on energy efficiency
  • Supports the coherent delivery of our existing energy efficiency policies
  • Has set out the Government’s Energy Efficiency Strategy, including where there is potential for further energy efficiency across the economy, and how this might be brought about

A new approach to energy efficiency leading to reduced energy consumption would have many advantages for our environment as well as our economy. However we have to ensure mass action is gained in order to achieve this and establish that we’re not simply discussing the matter without putting it in to practice. This won’t be easy as it involves spending time, for instance in motivating staff or money when investing in energy saving technology. Large scale projects such as renewable energy and high efficient power generation count for little if we do not save energy in the first place. These types of efforts also require big investment which, for a lot of organisations, is not financially possible. Funds for energy efficiency investments remain behind business development and business survival, which isn’t likely to change in the foreseeable future.

So why don’t we start with the smaller efforts towards energy efficiency that encourage changes in behaviours likely to last?

The Carbon Trust quote that most organisations can save around 5-10% on their energy bills just by encouraging their staff to adopt pro-environmental behaviours such as switching off equipment in the workplace or challenging inefficient practices. By making such changes, organisations can achieve quick results with little investment.

A sustainability strategy is a good place to start to drive this change within your organisation. Creating visibility and awareness around this strategy will also ensure your employees become active stakeholders in its success. The energy saving advice you give employees needs to be simple and practical so that changes can be encompassed in to their daily routines. By encouraging such behaviours, this should also help employee’s assess their own energy efficiency at home leading to a stronger global step change.

1 Comment

Anna said on December 23, 2015

This is a really interesting post, I completely agree that we need to start with the smaller efforts towards energy efficiency that encourage changes in behaviours likely to last. Improving your energy efficiency is the first and most important step toward adopting renewable energy. The more efficient use of energy throughout our country will result in less money spent on energy by homeowners, schools, government agencies, businesses, and industries and this can only be a good thing!


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