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Your Energy this Winter

Information and advice for the coming winter

We all know too well how cold British winters can be. Unlike mains gas, LPG is stored in bulk tanks which are filled on request. If you currently use LPG, or are looking to switch to LPG here is some information and advice on how to mange your energy this winter.

Topping up your LPG tank couldn’t be easier

As the weather gets colder and heating is turned up there’s every chance your gas consumption will increase. With different delivery options available at AvantiGas, you need to make sure you know how and when to order.

LPG Automatic Top-up

If you choose the AvantiGas automatic-top up service we calculate how much gas you’re using and schedule a delivery automatically. Our calculations are based on estimates of your past usage, so if your circumstances change (for instance if there are more people living in your house, or you’ve extended your property), just let us know and we’ll adjust our estimates to suit your needs. This option is beneficial if you prefer not to have to place an order yourself, but you should still ensure you check your LPG gauge on a regular basis, especially in winter months when your usage may increase. If your LPG gauge falls below 25% contact us so that we can check your next delivery.

Manual Top-up

For those people who prefer to manage their fuel, there is the AvantiGas manual top-up option. This involves you continuing to check the LPG gauge level and placing an order when the level reaches 25%. Orders can be placed either online at www.avantigas.com once you have logged in to your online account, or via Freephone telephone 0808 208 0000.

Safety first

As one of the UK’s major LPG suppliers, AvantiGas are proud to operate to the highest standards of safety, going above and beyond the current UK industry standards to give you peace of mind at all times.

Part of our service includes a comprehensive maintenance programme to ensure that your tank is kept running as smoothly, safely and efficiently as possible. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your tank you know you can rely on our 24HR Emergency Breakdown Team on 0870 753 9999 at any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

If you have any difficulties with internal pipework or appliances, please contact a Gas Safe registered engineer who is registered in the required appliance category by calling the Gas Safe register on 0800 408 5500 or visiting www.gassaferegister.co.uk

Save energy and stay warm this winter

Saving energy doesn’t mean to say you can’t stay warm. Follow these 10 simple steps to save energy this winter.

  1. Maintain your heating system/boiler regularly to increase efficiency.
  2. Installing a water saving showerhead would use up to 40% less water and energy than a regular showerhead.
  3. Control your thermostat. By reducing your thermostat 1°c, you could knock up to 10% off your heating bill.
  4. Don’t crowd your radiators. Leave plenty of space around them for more efficient heating.
  5. Cook smarter. Keeping a lid on pans where possible consumes three times less energy.
  6. Use low energy bulbs where possible. They can last longer than normal bulbs and use 80% less electricity.
  7. Switch electrical equipment off when not in use and avoid using the stand-by mode.
  8. Shut out the draught. Closed curtains at night keeps the heat in.
  9. Always fill your dishwasher before use.
  10. Make sure your loft space is insulated.


james west said on December 13, 2012

Re. your opening line regarding cold English winters.

Don’t you consider the rest of the UK in your blog, or your business in general?

Lavelle said on January 20, 2013

Really liked what you had to say in your post. AvantiGas Blog, thanks for the good read!
— Lavelle


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