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Businesses are switching to AvantiGas LPG, find out why…

AvantiGas are one of the UK’s major LPG suppliers, and globally as part of one of the world’s largest LPG suppliers, delivering safe, cleaner-burning, cost effective energy to businesses across the UK. LPG is a cleaner burning fuel, which is versatile, efficient and safe. It can be used in a wide array of applications within the business, not only to fuel forklift fleets, but also for heating warehouses, and fuelling manufacturing and industrial processes.

The different products and services that AvantiGas provides

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a clean burning fuel with high combustion efficiency. It is a safe and reliable energy supply. Due to its versatility, it can be used for a wide range of applications throughout business operations, and can therefore be a cost effective direct fuel solution.

The History of AvantiGas

AvantiGas was formed in 2011 as part of a series of acquisitions by UGI Corporation across Europe. The business has been operating as an LPG supplier since the 1960’s under a previous owner delivering safe, reliable LPG products and services to industry.

The AvantiGas proposition

We believe we can offer the whole energy solution package to our customers. LPG is versatile, which could bringing fuel and cost efficiencies across the wider business. Our brand is new in the marketplace, and we believe we deliver a better all round service to the other names in the LPG sector.

How LPG is produced and supplied to customers

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, or LPG, comprises propane, butane and mixes of the two, and is produced from the oil refining and natural gas extraction process. AvantiGas has two strategic supply points with terminals at Ellesmere Port and Mossmorran, with a good supply of product. We also operate through 15 supply points throughout the UK to give a full and efficient national distribution network. We supply LPG in bulk and offer varied storage and supply solutions. Part of our team’s job is to design refuelling systems to fit specific customers’ needs. Our systems are owned and maintained by AvantiGas and include individual refilling cylinders for forklift trucks.

Why buy LPG from AvantiGas

In today’s market place, a supplier needs to be able to offer a flexible solution that provides the customer with the most cost effective way to manage their energy. We have years of expertise gained under our previous brand, now coupled with the freshness of the new brand and our ethos that we are passionate about our energy and our customers’ energy needs. We like to think of ourselves not just as a supplier but as our customers’ energy partner. So in short we create a working partnership that affords our customers the best return on their investments.

LPG has other industrial uses besides powering forklift trucks
LPG is a truly versatile form of energy, which is used for a wide array of applications in business, from space heating – ideal for warehouses – to industrial and manufacturing processes.

How clean burning is LPG as a fuel in forklift engines? Can LPG-powered forklifts run indoors?
LPG is a cleaner burning fuel that can be used both indoors and outside, eliminating the need for two separate fleets. It also emits fewer harmful greenhouse gases and pollutants such as un-burnt fuel and particulates in comparison to diesel, which is a critical factor where the quality of goods and zero contamination is of the utmost importance.

How does LPG compare with diesel or electricity as a fuel for forklifts? How does the cost of running forklifts on LPG compare with using electricity or diesel?
LPG is a cost effective way of fuelling a fleet of forklift trucks, and offers an excellent return on investment. Using diesel stored in bulk would involve purchasing the storage tank and dispensing equipment, and then buying diesel in bulk. We have also seen an increase in the theft of diesel from sites, which has necessitated further investment from the customer in terms of security. With an electric truck fleet the customer will have a period of downtime whilst the truck is charged. On longer shifts, this may also involve having to invest in spare batteries and charging rooms.

How LPG could benefit businesses with increasing pressures from the environmental impact of fuels
Being cleaner burning, LPG as a fuel emits fewer harmful greenhouse gases and pollutants such as un-burnt fuel compared to diesel. As it’s dispensed from a sealed unit, there are no evaporative pollutants nor spillage risks and contamination. In increasingly focused industries, this could help contribute to reducing a company’s carbon footprint without compromising the fleets’ performance.

How switching to an LPG-fuelled fleet could improve working conditions without comrpromising on performance
Forklifts run on LPG generate less noise and vibration in comparison to diesel fuelled fleets, making it a better working environment for your operators. Due to LPG’s high calorific value there’s no compromise on lifting performance.

Safety precautions to operate on LPG
We design and install a system which both complies fully with industry HSE standards and meets the requirements of our customers. When siting bulk storage vessel(s) on a customer’s premises, we will ensure that all Codes of Practice guidelines are fully adhered to.

What AvantiGas can offer someone already using LPG cylinders
A major benefit to switching to one of our LPG bulk installations is the elimination of manual handling of gas cylinders. If you buy individual cylinders from a commercial LPG supplier, the operator has to lift them off the  ground and manoeuvre them on to the truck by hand, which can result in trapped fingers, injured backs and time off work. With our bulk systems, the cylinder stays on the truck and is refilled with a pump from the bulk installation.

What added benefits could businesses expect with switching from cylinders to a bulk LPG supply?
Drivers often change cylinder at the end of their shift. Depending on the temperature, the product and the equipment, between 5 and 15% of LPG remains in the ‘empty’ cylinder. Storage and control of cylinders involves space and time that is significantly reduced with the bulk solution.

How could a bulk LPG solution help increase efficiency?
A bulk solution offers a more reliable and efficient supply. Operational costs are reduced through fewer refuelling stops, and operators know exactly when refuelling should be carried out. The level gauge in the tank of the forklift informs the driver when a refuel will be necessary, allowing for work to be planned better. This also means that the driver should never run out of LPG whilst working.

The biggest pressures on storage and warehouse businesses and how AvantiGas can help
Many companies are also still feeling the effects of the economic climate and in the bid to recover, are analysing and assessing all areas of their business in order to increase efficiencies. Together with the added focus on environmental issues, companies are feeling increased pressure to focus and act upon reducing their carbon footprint and supporting greater social responsibility. A change in fuel type could bring quick returns.

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