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fuel efficiency

Top 10 energy saving tips for your home

Follow our top 10 energy saving tips to help you make your home more energy efficient.

Check out your heating system.

Maintain your heating system/boiler regularly to increase efficientcy

Put silver foil behind radiators to reflect heat back in to the room


Use hot water wisely

Heating water with LPG uses almost half the energy of electricity

A water saving showerhead uses up to 40% less water and energy

Install water heaters closer to where water is used


Control your thermostat

Turn your thermostat down an hour before you go to bed or go out

A 1 degree reduction could knock up to 10% off your heating bill

Site your thermostat away from cold spots to reduce heating costs


 Don’t crowd your radiators

Leave plenty of space around radiators for more efficient heating




Cook smarter

Gas cookers use less energy, with more direct heat and easier control

Keeping a lid on pans where possible consumes three times less energy

Cook with less water – it heats up more quickly


  Light up with low energy

Low energy bulbs can last longer than normal bulbs and use 80% less electricity


  Switch off not stand-by

Switch electrical equipment off when not in use and avoid using the stand-by mode




Shut out the draught

Closed curtains at night keep the heat in

Keep doors closed

Fit draught proof weather strips on doors


Energy efficient appliances

Always fill your dishwasher before use

Always buy energy efficient appliances


Check out your loft

Make sure your loft space is well insulated

1 Comment

Anna said on November 6, 2015

Some really great energy saving tips here and clever ideas that will save you money too like putting silver foil behind radiators to reflect heat back in to the room! Great tips for any student or person living on a budget. People need to get into the habit of doing things like switching off lights and closing curtains and doors to keep the heat in because it takes zero effort but really makes the difference.


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