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Barry P

Biomass partnership saves carbon emissions

Barry Paterson, an industry leader in Biomass fuel, boilers and steam generation gives his views on the new partnership between AvantiGas, Janfire UK and Byworth Boilers.

‘AvantiGas and their division in the renewables market, AvantiRenewables have recently announced a 3-way partnership, bringing environmental and financial savings to businesses looking for industrial steam boilers, powered by Biomass.

AvantiGas recently received OFGEM accreditation of a nominal 1MW Byworth steam boiler, fuelled by biomass in Immingham and also have RHI accreditation for a 2MW version. Both plants run on wood pellets, which are a very controllable, high energy density fuel.

AvantiGas has collaborated with Byworth Boilers, a UK leading industrial boiler manufacturer, and Janfire UK, a provider of tried and tested Swedish burners and technology. There are over 600 similar plants operating throughout Sweden already.

The burners are fully modulating and are capable of reacting quickly to changes in load; this is unique when it comes to biomass combustion control. The thermal inertia within the burner is very low due to the precise fuel feed and combustion control, and a turn down of better than 10:1 is easily achievable. With this partnership, AvantiGas are in a unique position to offer an extremely efficient, controllable heat source using tried and tested robust equipment that meets tough industrial requirements.

The installations have very clean ceramic filtration fitted that ensures very low particulate emissions, which are approximately 10% of the new strict limits imposed by the RHI scheme. The plants are fully automatic with remote control, monitoring and alarm capability, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the Internet. This is very convenient   when it comes to programme updates from the Swedish burner supplier. The plants typically run with an availability > 90%.

The solution targets industrial steam users whatever their application may be. Typical industries include: large storage facilities at import/export locations, major chemical processing sites and the food and drink preparation industry, as well as other prominent off grid oil markets.

As a result of this partnership, and our installation at Immingham, multiple organisations are now enjoying huge carbon savings, in the region of 8,000 tonnes per year for the 2 installations.

AvantiRenewables are in a unique position to be able to provide the whole solution. With full ESCO capital funding, they are able to provide brand new technology and high efficiency low carbon energy with no upfront capital costs.

To find out more about the new AvantiRenewables collaborative partnership, please contact their Technical Sales Advisers, Mark Worthington on 07817 948 410, or email mark.worthington@avantigas.com , or Margaret Donnelly on 07718 602 767, Margaret.donnely@avantigas.com.’

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